4th of july

The 4th of July Event started on July 2nd, and ended on July 11th. The update introduced new buildings, decorations, and a new costume for peter, which is the Rollerblading Bikini Peter...Wow peter.....what's next?

New Characters/CostumesEdit

New Buildings/DecorationsEdit



  • Red Patriotic Flowers
  • White Patriotic Flowers
  • Blue Patriotic Flowers
  • Colossal Firework
  • Pixie Firework
  • Pocket Firework
  • Sunburst Firework
  • Patriotic Light Post
  • Large American Flag
  • Democratic Donkey
  • Republican Elephant
  • Balding Eagle

New Surprise Me's!Edit

The one and only,

New Quest Lines!Edit

  • United Slides Of America
  • More to find out soon....

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