The 4th of July mystery box was available only for the 4th of July Event. It gives you random prizes like Fireworks, Coins, and a 1% chance of 20 Clams!!! This event and mystery box also hinted "Human Rubert". He was holding the box during the event.


Description Image
This box is full of fireworks, coins, and other goodies that will help make your summer in Quahog a lot more exiting! What will be yours? N/A


Prize Animated Description
Pocket Firework Yes Good for all 4th of July celebrations, and blowing up small bugs. (FUN)
Pixie Firework Yes Good for raucous time and blowing up big bugs.
Sunburst Firework Yes Good for adding a sparkle in the sky, and blowing up sky bugs. (Birds)
Colossal Firework Yes Good for those big firework finales, and blowing up tall bugs (People).
White Patriotic Flowers No Painstakingly drawn by our artist Paloma. You'd better enjoy them, or she'll cut ya!
3,000 Icon-coin No...Duh Coins!
5,000 Icon-coin No...Duh Coins
7,500 Icon-coin No...Duh Wow!
20 Icon-clam No...Duh 1% Chance

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