A top Notch Workout Regimen is a mini-update that launched on January 21, 2015 and ran until January 27, 2015 at 3:00 Pacific Time. It featured 2 new characters: Barnaby and Phineas , as well as a few new decorations and buildings and a Steroid Stewie outfit. Human Rupert is also available with this update.

New Characters and OutfitsEdit

If you build one of these buildings you have 5 days to unlock Phineas and Barnaby

Character Building


The Sweaty Clam

Building SweatyClam thumbnail@2x


Old Timey Bike Shoppe

Fg building pennyFarthingShop thumbnail@2x

Steroid Stewie

Character stewiegriffin roided thumbnail@2x

Limited time buildingsEdit

  • The Sweaty Clam, costs 4,000 coins
  • Old Timey Bike Shoppe, costs 4,500 coins
  • Art of Chesthair, costs 20,000 coins
  • Penny Arcade, costs 2,500 coins
  • Quahog Boxing Gym, costs 35 clams
  • BULGE, costs 25 clams
  • Quahog Diner, costs 75 clams
  • Jamie Mack's House of Steaks, costs 50 clams


There will be Joggers ( male and female ).They will Spawn every 3-4 hours for a MAX of 10 each in your Quahog at one time. So TOTAL MAX of 20. (10 Males & 10 Females.). Male Jogger : drops Triangular weights and eggs Female Jogger : drops Triangular weights and Steak


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