Items from the Event.

KOTFM= Kingdom of the Full Moon

The adventure journal was first featured in the Kingdom of the Full Moon update. It held all of the things in the update, except for the shop. Also, it says in the journal how many days are left of the event, and it shows how many Golden Asses you have collected IN ALL!

Mystery, Adventure, Hats!Edit

This is the front page of your adventure journal.

It explains what the event is, and what you're supposed to do.


The treasures page shows all of the prizes you can get, and the prizes you've got. Here are the prizes:

  • 25 Clams!= Collect 2,000 Idols. Rank: Bonus Clams!
  • ? Secret Prize 1
  • ? Secret Prize 2
  • ? Secret Prize 3
  • ? Secret Prize 4

Adventure Journal (Entries)Edit

Entry 1: Tmp ss-2014-05-27-at-09-48-00286552440

Entry 2: Tmp ss-2014-05-27-at-11-56-18-40035243

Entry 3:

Entry 4:

Entry 5:

Entry 6:

Entry 7:

Featured ItemsEdit

This page shows the items that are featured. Any more info?

The PyramidEdit

This gives information about that pyramid in your town...oh, you didn't notice it?

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