The Al Harrington's Outfits is the building where you can make all the costumes for your characters. This is the list of the craftable costumes:

Note: In this list you can see only costumes that could/can be crafted in Al Harrington's, not these from Mystery Boxes, from Witch's Cauldron...

Facespace portrait petergriffin default@4xPeter Griffin  Edit

Nh2Glenn Quagmire: Edit

Hn3Chris Griffin: Edit

75Lois Griffin: Edit

75 (1)Joe Swanson: Edit

75 (2)Meg Griffin: Edit

75 (3)Brian Griffin: Edit

75 (4)Stewie Griffin: Edit

75 (5)Cleveland Brown: Edit

75 (6)Bonnie Swanson: Edit

 Jillian Russell-Wilcox