Bitch Stewie & Bitch Brian Squatters
District/Event Unlocked: Bitch Stewie & Bitch Brian Sub-Event
Informations: More can be summoned with Bitch Stewie Machine, Bitch Brian Machine, or Spare Clone Machine
Drops upon Clearing:
Clone DNA Icon-drop-clone-dna Bubble-Bath Beard Icon-drop-bubble-beard
5 Icon-coin

Peters message after cloning the clones.

These are squatters that appear within you town after cloning them with the Bitch Stewie Machine (can be spawned even after the Bitch & Stewie Sub-Event). They drop the materials needed for crafting Bitch Stewie. They are different from the playable characters Bitch Stewie and Bitch Brian.

Quotes upon Clearing Edit

Bitch Stewie

Bitch Brian

"Whoa. I hope that doesn't happen to me" "*Crazy Laugh*"
"And I can't stand up so very good." "I think my jaw is falling off."
"Ohh no!" "But I'm good at other stuff!"
"Oh no, well that's okay, though!" "Knock-knock."

Gallery Edit

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