Wk7 - Blam Promo Mystery Box

Description Edit

During the final weekend of the Quahog Comic-Con Event, or Week Seven, the Blam! Promotion Mystery Box was made available for purchase.

Ostensibly to allow players who had accumulated large amounts of Blam! during the event with nothing to spend it on, this Mystery Box offered a number of unique items, as well as expendables, for an investment of 2,500 Blam!

As with all other Comic-Con Mystery Boxes, Buildings and Decorations do not duplicate, but Expendable items might.

Potential Prizes Edit

  • Blobulous Trophy Case (Decoration)
  • The Multiplier Trophy Case (Decoration)
  • Captain Hammered Column (Decoration)
  • Red Hot Column (Decoration)
  • Robo Stewie (Decoration)
  • Demon Stewie Deco (Decoration)
  • Twelve (12) Batteries
  • Six (6) Pesticide Bombs
  • Twelve (12) Pesticide Bombs
  • Five (5) High-Tech Harpoons
  • Five (5) Modern Harpoons
  • Five (5) Old Tyme Harpoons
  • Ten (10) Golden Clams
  • Twenty-Five (25) Golden Clams

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