These are the events in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff that were only on for a limited amount of time!

Weekend Events/Mini EventsEdit

2014 Edit

Cosmetic Blowout Weekend! 2014Edit

This was a small update, that was introduced as the first limited time event in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. You could get cosmetic buildings for discounted price.

Cinco De Mayo 2014Edit

Cinco De Mayo is out! This limited edition update was a small little update from May 9th, to May 11th. This update involved the Mexican worker guy, as he could build stuff faster, and you could buy another worker for only 25 clams!! Holy crap!

The Greatest Little Quahog Circus 2014Edit

The first "real" event. Did you bought all the limited decorations and buildings which helped to earn the limited items faster to unlock the Pee Pants outfit for Peter? Did you clear all the clown NPC's? Maybe you did.

Exotic Animal Weekend 2014 Edit

Exotic Animal Weekend! Limited event through May 23rd, and May 26th. Get the 3 premium animals and enjoy the free Fancy Restaurant.

4th of July Event 2014Edit

The 4th of July Event started on July 2nd, and ended on July 11th. The update introduced new buildings, decorations, and a new costume for peter, which is the Rollerblading Bikini Peter...Wow peter.....what's next?

Wild Quahog Weekend 2014Edit

The Wild Quahog Weekend was a special weekend event that offered a premium giraffe if you bought all the three limited time animals.

Time for a Sexy Party! Event 2014Edit

Time for a Sexy Party! event was a limited time event, (it was originally scheduled to end Monday 20th September but it was extended to Wednesday,22nd September, 3 PM PDT 2014) that included new Costume for Stewie Griffin, decorations and buildings.

Endless Summer of Kool-Aid! Event 2014Edit

The Endless Summer of Kool-Aid! Event is a mini-update that launched on September 26, 2014 and ran until September 30, 2014 at 3:00 Pacific Time. It featured a new character, the Kool-Aid Man, as well as a few new decorations and buildings. With this event you can also get Cleveland again for 400. The center of this event was the "Da Boom Box".

Mysterious Jack-o'-lantern! 2014Edit

Collect Candy for Pink Brain. Pre- Halloween UPDATE.

2015 Edit

New Year 2015Edit

Collect stuff to get Jillian Russell-Wilcox and her new year's outfit. You can also buy a New Year's Brian outfit.

A Top Notch Workout Regimen 2015Edit

Collect stuff to get Phineas and Barnaby. You can also buy a Steroid Stewie outfit.

Best of 2014 2015 Edit

It celebrates the incredible adventures of last year by re-introducing some of your favorite characters, costumes and decorations from events of 2014

Cutaway Weekend 2015Edit

Cutaway Weekend is here! The Iraq Lobster, MegCopter, and more are in the shop for a limited time.

Telenovela Weekend 2015 Edit

Peter has become obsessed with Spanish soap operas. Help him spread telenovelas to ho-hum Quahog by transforming him into Spanish Soap Opera Peter! Prepare for intrigue and mucho drama! Bueno!

Nature Week 2015 Edit

It's time Peter joins the ranks of great men with beards. Log in to help Peter achieve his beardy dreams! Nature Week is live and ends on May 14th.

Sexy Firefighter Event 2015 Edit

It's a Firefighter Event in Quahog! Gather the Fire Squad and save the town before everyone gets burned.

Nature Week 2 2015 Edit

Get in touch with your inner animal! Nature Week is here for another round, featuring the unlockable S&M Cow and new outdoorsy items for your Quahog.

Magic Mike Week 2015 Edit

Magic Mike needs volunteers to strip for the Old Balls Foundation Charity Show! Join Magic Mike, Magic Peter, and their sexy team of strippers for a ride you wont forget.

Fat Weekend 2015 Edit

Peter and Lois have taken up competitive eating. But act fast because Forklift Peter and Fat Lois are only here until Monday 7/20 at 3:00 PM PDT.

The Long Comic-Con 2015 Edit

Comic-Con is over, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate with Quahog's favorite comic book characters.

Invasion of the Hybrid Babies 2015 Edit

Stewie's and Brian's half human, half dog babies are running around town wreaking cute and uncomfortable havoc. Stewie does the only natural thing, and gets pregnant with Brian's babies again. Meanwhile, Peter's favorite vestigial conjoined twin returns to Quahog.

Evil Week 2015 Edit

Quahog just got a whole lot eviler. Join the gang to help unlock Retep and Evil Stewie!

Septemberfest 2015 Edit

Why is everyone getting sloshed? Why not? It's Septemberfest! Log on through Oct. 1 for a craft brew of new content!

Dog Multiverse Event 2015 Edit

Welcome to Dog Multiverse - where Dogs rule and Humans drool (literally). Collect your favorites before time runs out.

Thanksgiving Celebration Event 2015 Edit

It's time to unbuckle those belts because Cleveland Brown's family has come to Quahog for Thanksgiving! They're only here for a limited time!

2016 Edit

Best of 2015 Event 2016 Edit

We're bringing back some of our best characters from 2015! Get them this week only! Your 2015 characters can help unlock characters! Find more 2015 characters in each of the new Mystery Boxes! Unlock Greased-up Deaf Guy, Detective Scrotes, and Death's Mom for a chance to earn the exclusive prize, Don Corleone!

Li'l Griffins Event 2016 Edit

Li'l Peter is trying to start a clubhouse, but not if Li'l Giant Chicken has his way! Show Li'l Giant Chicken who's boss!

Star Trek: Second Contact 2016 Edit

The Enterprise has returned to Quahog! Set phasers to stun, and be sure to say hi to some familiar faces and new friends before they leave on Thursday, February 25. Engage!

Easter Mini-Event 2016 Edit

Celebrate Easter by egging Quahog with new decorations!

WrestleMania in Quahog Event 2016 Edit

Get your folding chairs ready, and step into the ring with your favorite WWE stars for our new special event: WrestleMania in Quahog!

Return to Jolly Farm Event 2016 Edit

Your favorite children's program, Jolly Farm Revue, has returned to Quahog! Tune in and sing along with Mother Maggie, Penelope, and Mary Sunflower Stewie!

Candy Men Event 2016 Edit

Chumba wumba gobbledy goo, I've got a sweet tooth and so do you. Join Peter, Stewie, Pawtucket Pat and the rest of the gang in this sweet mini-event.

Peter's Presidential Paradise 2016 Edit

Barack Obama is picking a place to retire! Help Billionaire Peter spend big to create Quahog into a paradise for past presidents!

2017 Edit

Best of 2016 Event Edit

We're bringing back some of our best characters from 2016! Get them this week only! Your 2016 characters can help unlock characters! Find more 2016 characters in the Best of 2016 Mystery Box! Unlock Giant Chicken, Ollie Williams, and Little Red Riding Hood Stewie to help unlock a brand new character, Jim Kaplan.

Road to Bollywood Edit

Brian is directing a Bollywood film in the name of true love! Help him deal with on-set divas Ganesha and Belly Dancer Stewie to create a blockbuster movie!

Undercover Giggolo Edit

The American Gigg-olo is back on the streets! Go undercover with Big Pete Peter, Gigg-olo Quagmire and his ex Charmisse to bust a male prostitution ring!

Return to the Dog Multiverse Edit

Return to the Dog Multiverse with Stewie and Brian now!

Major EventsEdit

2014 Edit

Event Name Description
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Kingdom of the Full Moon First Major Event. Join Peter as he journeys to get to the bottom of a quickly-unfolding mystery in Quahog! Search and rescue old friend (Cleveland), collect treasured idols, and win prizes to show off your hard work!
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Quahog Comic Con Quahog Comic Con is an event to promote San Diego Comic-Con 2014. The Comic-Con Event introduces a host of new celebrity characters (voiced by the actual actors themselves!), as well as a Super Hero-themed costume set for Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Chris Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, Stewie Griffin, Joe Swanson (Android-exclusive), and Bonnie Swanson.
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Ghostbusters: Quahog's Halloween Halloween in Quahog! The pumpkins are being carved, the candy bowls are being filled, and all the slutty costumes are selling out. But something seems a little spooky and strange... Quahog's being haunted by ghosts! Help Peter Griffin and his Ghostbusting buddies defeat scary ghouls! Vanquishing ghosts give you Spirit Vials: a powerful liquid used for buying event items and for crafting!
The American Dad Event It's the time of the year where Quahog goes cray cray for clams. That's right, this month is the Quahog Clam Festival! You know what else is cray cray? Quahogians have reported an alien walking around. Could it be Roger from American Dad? Yes!! Don't be surprised if Stan, Steve and the rest of the Smith family make an appearance. In honor of the Quahog Clam Festival and American Dad, we are giving away free clams! Simply watch featured American Dad videos and start collecting! Then you can brag to your friends about how many clams you have, maybe get into a big fight, and eventually become frienemies.
Miracle on Spooner Street Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! 'Tis the season of giving, unless you're Peter Griffin. For him, it's the season of pissing off the Giant Chicken and ruining Christmas. Lois and Santa need your help delivering a successful holiday season by decorating the town and making gifts! Each resident who made Santa's Nice List has something they want for Christmas. Craft each item in Santa's Workshop and you can win Santa himself. Yay, more fat guys!

2015 Edit

Event Name Description
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Romancing the Clam Hey there, lovebirds! It's Valentine's Day and Quahog is in full-frontal celebration mode! The town has been inundated with randy couples looking to get their PDA on. We know Valentine's Day is a sappy holiday, but something is off.... all of Quahog seems to be in a love trance and Peter needs your help getting to the bottom of this mystery. We've got some really cool features this Valentine's Day that we want to share with you!
Star Trek Watch the worlds of Star Trek and Family Guy collide in the biggest update we've ever done! Play on the Enterprise, a whole new area to build and explore! Engage in actions with your favorite Starfleet members, including Data, Worf, and more, all while embarking on deep space adventures and asteroid shooting. Pew pew!
Mobster Event Don Corleone comes to town to start up his counterfeit cookie operation. The Don hires Peter to take care of his business and squash the competition. Can Peter keep his family safe on the road to riches? Will the mob life be more than what Peter bargained for? Can Peter eat a hundred cannolis? Watch the action unfold with Peter Griffin as The Fatfather.
Peter Palooza Quahog's biggest music festival ever has begun! Join Snoop Dogg, Avril Lavigne, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Deadmau5, Alice Cooper and Rick Astley as PeterPalooza lights up the stage.
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Death at the Drive-In It's a Halloween movie marathon at the Quahog Drive-In! It's all going smoothly until Death unleashes Chucky, Michael Myers, and your favorite horror movie villains on an unsuspecting Quahog. Will Peter and the gang make it out alive? Find out during our special Halloween event, Death at the Drive-In!
Raid to the North Pole The holidays are here and the North Pole is under siege. Travel with Stewie and Santa to the North Pole and battle the ‘bots who are out to destroy all things Christmas. Who else will be getting in the holiday spirit and joining Team Santa? Find out during our special event, Raid to the North Pole!

2016 Edit

Event Name Description
Quahog Football Challenge Tom Brady, Richard Sherman, Brett Favre and more of your favorite pro football players are coming to town to help Peter and Chris win tickets to the Big Game. Will the Griffins be up to the challenge? Find out when a football frenzy overtakes Quahog.
A Grimm Knight in Quahog Fantasy becomes reality in Quahog when Peter reads "The Princess Bride" to Stewie! Join Sir Peter and Westley as they embark on an epic journey to save Princess Buttercup and Cinderella Lois from Vizzini and the nefarious Black Knight!
Boomsday Event Quahog is in the ruins of an apocalypse as mutants attempt to overtake the city! Can Peter lead its citizens to safety? Does that question sound rhetorical? Play the event to find out!
Greek Life Event Gods, have mercy! Peter desecrated a sacred fountain and now Zeus, the King of Gods, seeks to teach him and Quahog a lesson. He's even brought Hades, Neptune, Athena, and Aphrodite to help him. Will Peter and his fraternity of brothers be able to survive the wrath of the gods?
Peter's Prehistoric Park Peter's starting a dinosaur theme park! Will the dinosaurs remain in their cages and stay away from citizens of Quahog? There wouldn't be a game if they did!
Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way Villains are invading Quahog! Gather the Justice League to stop them and reclaim stolen stuff and exchange it for super creations!
Peter's Booty Haul Avast ye matey! International Talk Like a Pirate Day is upon us and Peter and the gang are swabbing the deck, battening the hatches and fending off attacks from pirates in search of a hidden treasure on Quahog's shores. Get ready to set sail for a battle on the high seas with Blackbeard, Captain Hook, Tinker Bell and more during "Peter's Booty Haul!"
The Hauntening Peter and his friends have been invited to a Halloween party at James Woods' haunted hotel! Split up and search for clues to solve the paranormal mystery plaguing Rocky Point!
There's No Place Like Quahog Peter has a story to tell! Quahog is off to see "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!" Help Dorothy Lois, Toto Brian, and the Oz gang save Glinda and defeat the Wicked Witch!
Quahog's Not So Silent Night Stewie's Dream Machine is bringing Christmas dreams to life! Help save Quahog from the video game characters and toys that Chris is dreaming of!

2017 Edit

Event Name Description
Kung Pow Quahog Everybody is kung fu fighting at the Quahog Martial Arts Tournament! Help train Dojo Peter and the gang to defeat their fearsome foes, including Kung Pow Giant Chicken!
Quahog Heat The guys have formed a detective agency to tackle tiny crimes happening around Quahog. Defeat various villains and their henchmen to solve the crimes and get to the bottom of who's behind these nefarious doings.
Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers While family cosplaying at PowerCon, the Griffins befriend the real Power Rangers! Join them as they unite to save Quahog from the evil Rita Repulsa!
Question mark
Rocky Times in Quahog Quahog's entering the ring! Help Rocky Balboa train Boxer Peter and the gang to go the distance against some true heavyweights!
Quahog's Excellent Adventure Peter and the gang are bound for an excellent adventure when Bill and Ted's time-travelling phone booth lands in Quahog.