Beginning of Event April 25, 2014
End of Event April 27, 2014

First Limited Time Update!Edit

Due to a mix-up at a drag queen convection, we now have a surplus of all cosmetic items and are passing the savings onto YOU!

–-In Game Message

This was a small update, that was introduced as the first limited time event in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. This event affected the decorations and buildings as described below.

Decorations AffectedEdit

Decoration Event
Icon-drop-lip-stick Lipstick 50% Increase in drop rate
Icon-drop-eye-shadow Eyeshadow 50% Increase in drop rate
Icon-drop-hairspray Hairspray 50% Increase in drop rate
Icon-drop-skechies Pair of Sketchies 50% Increase in drop rate

Buildings AffectedEdit

Building Event
Madelein's Boutique Madeleine's Boutique On Sale for Half Price
Quahog's Day Spa Quahog Day Spa On Sale for Half Price
Family Jewels Family Jewels On sale for 32 Icon-clam

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