The Cryptic Capsule was featured only in the Kingdom of the Full Moon event. Cost: 25 Icon-clam


Prize Animated Description
300 Icon-moon-idol No Just 300 A$$e$.
375 Icon-moon-idol No Just 375 A$$e$.
450 Icon-moon-idol No Just 450 A$$e$.
800 Icon-moon-idol No Just 800 A$$e$.
1,200 Icon-moon-idol No Bootyful!
Crown Canopy Tree No Perfect to nap under or piss on.
Lava Hot Tub Yes Finally, a hot tub hot enough to burn away gross stranger bacteria.
35 Icon-clam No 30 CLAMS!
50 Icon-clam No Extra Clamy!
Evil Monkey Statue No Put his finger touching E.T's and you've just made a Family Guy cutaway.
Fancy Magma Shrine No Magma is molten rock found beneath the surface of the Earth.

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