Dance Hall Days is a quest that's part of the Fine Arts District update.

Required to Complete Edit


Part 1 Edit

Stewie-FS Okay, Brian, we need to find a place to store the blimp.
Facespace portrait briangriffin default@4x Why don't we bury it in the yard? That's what I do with all of my important stuff.
Stewie-FS Okay. Um, let's assume for a moment that the blimp isn't an old tennis ball.
Facespace portrait briangriffin default@4x It could be a bone too. Jeez.

What to do: Edit

What to do Time Rewards
Dancehalldaysicon Clear Block 20:00:00
Fg building oliviafullershouse Build Olivia's House Instant
Facespace portrait olivia Stewie, I need you to get me a bunch of stuff.
Stewie-FS God, you're so demanding. Are all actresses like this?
Facespace portrait olivia Just do what I say!
Stewie-FS You better watch it. Or I'll get John Travolta to touch the hell outta your face.

Finishing Part 1 Edit

Stewie-FS Olivia! What are you doing here?
Facespace portrait olivia Hi, Stewie! The Quahog Theater Festival is happening and I thought it'd be fun to return to [legitimate] theater.
Stewie-FS Couldn't cut it in Hollywood, so you had to come crawling back? Ha! In your face!
Stewie-FS But seriously, anything I can do to help, here's my number and an updated headshot and resume.
550 Icon-coin 350 Icon-exp

Part 2 Edit

Stewie-FS Brian, Olivia needs my help. She wants me to go back in time and see if there are any good saloons she could use for a play.
Facespace portrait briangriffin default@4x Cool. Hey, while you're back there, be sure to buy yourself a saddle since Olivia's riding you so hard.
Stewie-FS You know, Brian, some people can just be happy for their friends when they're in a new relationship. Maybe it's time you started to be one of those people.

What to do: Edit

What to do Time Rewards
Stewie-FS Have Stewie Travel Through Time 00:01:00 5 Icon-coin 3 Icon-exp

Finishing Part 2 Edit

Stewie-FS The Old West was so much fun! And the saloon I went to scope out was perfect.
Facespace portrait briangriffin default@4x So why does Olivia need a saloon anyway?
Stewie-FS She's making "Walker, Texas Ranger: The Musical". It's gonna be terrible, I can't wait!
450 Icon-coin 300 Icon-exp

Part 3 Edit

Stewie-FS Before I go back to the Old West, I need to work on my gunslinging skills.
Facespace portrait briangriffin default@4x Why? No one's gonna get into a gunfight with a baby.
Stewie-FS Not true. Before he was "Billy the Kid", the most famous gunman in the West was "Billy the Pre-Verbal".

What to do: Edit

What to do Time Rewards
Stewie-FS Have Stewie Do Target Practice 1:00:00 20 Icon-coin 10 Icon-exp

Finishing Part 3 Edit

Stewie-FS Alright, Brian, I'm ready. Let's go to the Old West and bring back that saloon for Olivia.
Facespace portrait briangriffin default@4x I think I'm gonna pass, Stewie. Running errands for my friend's girlfriend doesn't seem that fun to me.
Stewie-FS Come on, we only have to pick up her mother and take her to one doctor's appointment. Assuming that appointment goes well.
Stewie-FS Fine, we might be going to doctors all day.
450 Icon-coin 300 Icon-exp

Part 4 Edit

Character-Vinny-facespace Hey, Stewie, word on the street is that you're going back in time to the Old West. Mind if I come along?
Stewie-FS I guess. But why do you want to go?
Character-Vinny-facespace Ah, I like the idea of being able to sock a guy in the middle of the street, no questions asked.

What to do: Edit

What to do Time Rewards
Dancehalldaysicon Time Travel to the Old West in the Blimp

Finishing Part 4 Edit

Stewie-FS Thanks for coming along, Vinny! That was pretty fun.
Character-Vinny-facespace No problem, my little paisano. And thank you for transporting my balloon of you-know-what in your you-know-where.

Upon completing this quest, the quest lines Walk Like an Egyptian and The Future Was Just Now will activate.

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