Diane Simmons
District/Event Unlocked: Ghostbusters : Quahog's Halloween 2014 or Best of 2014 event
Building: Diane Simmons' Gravestone
Requirements to Unlock
Electricity Ball BadElectBal Chomps the Zombie Chomps2
Thanks for bringing me back from the dead. It's been too long since I've said "Screw you, Tom!"

–Diane Simmons's unlock message

Diane Simmons is the first character you have a chance of unlocking during the Ghostbusters: Quahog's Halloween 2014 Event. Once her grave is dug up, a 5 day counter is started. If you do not unlock her within the allotted time, she is gone forever.


Since Diane Simmons has a 5 day counter, it is nesscary to craft Ghostbuster Peter before digging up the grave. In total, to craft the decorations needed for her, you need 400 Spirit Vials and 30 Terror Dog Bones. Gather a substantial amount of stuff before digging her up - or prepare to spend some Clams!

Tasks Edit

Task Time Rewards Drops Requires Unlock Description
Diane-drink Grab a Drink 1:00:00
5 Spiritvials 1 Frightpoints

Diane-plan Plan Tom Tucker's Downfall 4:00:00
25 Spiritvials 3 Frightpoints

Diane-gym Exercise at the Gym 6:00:00
20 Spiritvials 4 Frightpoints

Diane-coanchor Co-Anchor the News 8:00:00
25 Spiritvials 5 Frightpoints
Quahog 5 News

Diane-seance Host a Talk Show for Ghosts 10:00:00
30 Spiritvials 6 Frightpoints
Quahog 5 News

Diane-shop Shop Awkwardly 12:00:00
35 Spiritvials 7 Frightpoints

Diane-curse Curse Her Ex-Boyfriend's Name 14:00:00
35 Spiritvials 7 Frightpoints

Diane-oldfilms Screen Her Student Films 16:00:00
40 Spiritvials 8 Frightpoints
Building quahogcinema4x

Diane-actress Be a Leading Lady Actress 20:00:00
45 Spiritvials 9 Frightpoints
Building quahogplayhouse4x

Diane-relax Take a Day Off From Killing 24:00:00
50 Spiritvials 10 Frightpoints
Building quahogdayspa

Quotes Edit


Beginning a Task


Finished a Task

Picked Up


"You sound like my mother." "I suppose for the time being" "It was all supposed to go so smoothly" "We think this was a very successful practical joke."
"Oh, I'm..managing." "Shall we?" "I suppose for the time being." "Oh my god! What happened?"
"It was all supposed to go so smoothly" "Actually, that's the one thing I don't know." "Oh, I'm..managing." "Well, now you know everything"
"I agree, something's not right" "I guess that's sweet, huh?"
"We've been getting better acquainted"
"Good evening, I'm Diane Simmons"

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