WARNING: Please follow these rules or you will be banned from the wikia! Thanks!

  • Do not add any information about upcoming districts or events that are not yet approved! Unless the source is credible, create new pages only when new content is released.
  • Do not, and please do not, vandalize any wikia pages or you will be immediately banned!!!
  • Do not add any stupid pictures that don't have to do with Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff, or Family Guy.
  • You are allowed to talk on any pages, but don't spam the talk. (Example: 1 talk page is like this: ufgfdy. Next one is like this still: hydilufd And the person keeps on spamming. That will result into a ban from the admin.)
  • If you're having any trouble about this game, please contact the Admins and we will help you with the problem. Thanks! :D
  • Do not make pages that don't have anything on them, just the title name. You will get only 1 warning. If you do it again, your banned. Thanks!

More Rules to come soon.....Act good, and don't do bad stuff...

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