Evil Monkey Business is the questline for Evil Monkey. It is part of the Luxury Resort: Tan Lines district.

Required to Complete Edit

Character-EvilMonkeyFacespace-portrait-chrisFacespace portrait seamus default@4xFacespace portrait quagmire default@4xCharacter-tricia-takanawa-facespaceFacespace portrait tomtucker default@4x

Part 1 Edit

Facespace-portrait-chris Evil Monkey! I haven't seen you in so long!
Character-EvilMonkey Well, that's because I was travelling abroad, but now I'm happy to return home to Quahog.
Facespace-portrait-chris Where did you visit?
Character-EvilMonkey I was touring the closets of Europe. So much history. My favorites were the closets in Switzerland. They were filled with so much gorgeous, stolen art.

What to do: Edit

What to do Time Rewards
Character-EvilMonkeyFacespace-portrait-chris Have Evil Monkey Scare Chris 8:00:00 80 Icon-coin 50 Icon-exp
Facespace-portrait-chris Have Chris Make a Travel Itinerary 12:00:00 100 Icon-coin 65 Icon-exp

Finishing Part 1 Edit

Character-EvilMonkey Wow, it is hard finding a new place to live.
Facespace-portrait-chris Have you tried looking on Craigslist?
Character-EvilMonkey Chris, even though I'm a talking, Evil Monkey who lives in closets, I'm not weird enough to be a Craigslist roommate.
22 Icon-coin 10 Icon-exp

Part 2 Edit

Character-EvilMonkey Maybe I've been going about this the wrong way. I shouldn't be confined to living in closets, I should embrace my animal ways and live outside.
Facespace portrait petergriffin default@4x Yeah, plus then you can learn to ride a horse and catch Charlton Heston in a big net.
Facespace portrait petergriffin default@4x And that should be super easy, what with him bein' dead and all.

What to do: Edit

What to do Time Rewards
Character-EvilMonkey Have Evil Monkey Point and Stare 6:00:00 65 Icon-coin 45 Icon-exp
Facespace portrait seamus default@4x Have Seamus Stare at the Sea 8:00:00 80 Icon-coin 50 Icon-exp
Facespace portrait quagmire default@4x Have Quagmire Fornicate with Giraffes 4:00:00 50 Icon-coin 30 Icon-exp

Finishing Part 2 Edit

Character-EvilMonkey Okay, outdoor living is just not for me.
Facespace portrait petergriffin default@4x How come?
Character-EvilMonkey I'm just not comfortable going number two outside so I am seriously backed up.
Facespace portrait petergriffin default@4x Yeah, I'm the same way. We went to Cape Cod for a week and that drive home was pretty much a photo finish.
25 Icon-coin 12 Icon-exp

Part 3 Edit

Character-EvilMonkey Hey, Jake, would it be alright if I moved into your closet?
Facespace portrait jaketucker default@4x No! There's no room. I keep all my hats in there.
Character-EvilMonkey Hats? You can wear hats? Wouldn't a hat for you be a scarf? I don't know, whatever. You're a jerk.

What to do: Edit

What to do Time Rewards
Character-EvilMonkey Have Evil Monkey Practice Being Evil 4:00:00 50 Icon-coin 30 Icon-exp
Character-tricia-takanawa-facespace Have Tricia Have a Nervous Breakdown 1:00:00 20 Icon-coin 12 Icon-exp
Facespace portrait tomtucker default@4x Have Tom Tucker Have a Drink 1:00:00 20 Icon-coin 12 Icon-exp

Finishing Part 3 Edit

Character-EvilMonkey Okay, that's it. I'm moving out.
Facespace portrait tomtucker default@4x You are?
Character-EvilMonkey Yeah. Since this is a single dad house, everything reeks of take out food and Canoe Cologne.
32 Icon-coin 17 Icon-exp

Part 4 Edit

Character-EvilMonkey You know, it's not perfect, but Quahog is my home. Any chance I can move back in to your place?
Facespace-portrait-chris Sorry, but I now rent out the closet on Airbnb. It's mostly couples from New York who want to spend a night in a place bigger than their apartment.

What to do: Edit

What to do Time Rewards
Character-EvilMonkey Have Evil Monkey Get Blazed 24:00:00 150 Icon-coin 100 Icon-exp
Facespace-portrait-chris Have Chris Hang Out at Home 2:00:00 30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp

Finishing Part 4 Edit

Facespace-portrait-chris So, did you find a place to live?
Character-EvilMonkey I did! I'm living in the closets of those model rooms at IKEA.
Character-EvilMonkey And the best part is, those models are all missing a wall, so at night, I'm secretly filming a sitcom!
Character-EvilMonkey It's not very good, but it's still a million times better than any show made after 2004!
50 Icon-coin 25 Icon-exp

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