Flaming Chicken
Flaming Chicken
Cost: 10 Icon-clam
Area/Event Unlocked: Party Like an Animal 2015
Animated: Yes

–In Store Description

The Flaming Chicken is a limited time, buyable NPC in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. He could be obtained during the Party Like an Animal 2015 mini-update and is just walking around your Quahog, nothing else. His quest line to obtain him was "This Bird is on Fire".

Decoration flamingchicken

Store picture.

Trivia Edit

  • During the mini-update, if you unlocked him, Jesse and Sheldon the Turtle, you would get the Patches prize.
  • You are able to pick him up and drop, just like a normal character.
  • He's able to be put in the inventory.

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