Founding Father
Building foundingfathersrestaurant
Cost: 350 Icon-coin
Time to Build: 2:00:00
Exp for Building: unknown
Area/Event Unlocked: Clam Quarter
Area (LxW): 6x8
Character Unlocked Bruce
Microwaving entrees...
Time to Collect: 4:00:00
Collection: 30 Icon-coin
Exp Collected: 20 Expfromhouse
Possible Drops

Icon-drop-dry-martini Icon-drop-glass-of-wine Champagne-glasses-icon

This restaurant has been around since Quahog was founded, and got its name after Benjamin Franklin stopped in to take a squeege.

–In-Store Description

The Founding Father Restaurant is where the Griffins go out to eat to celebrate finding the cause of Peter's bad breath in "Finders Keepers".

When you build it in the game, you will unlock Bruce, who will need help before becoming an official character.

Notes Edit

In-Show Appearances
Season Episode Name
12 1 Finders Keepers

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