Fragrance Factory
Cost: 1,000 Icon-coin
Area/Event Unlocked: Downtown
Area (LxW): 10x6
Animated: No

–In-Store Description

The Fragrance Factory is a very special decoration. During The Wild Wild Mayor West quest line, a certain step will require you to build it as well as make Stewie Design a Fragrance Factory, a 24 hour task. It is so special because it functions as a hub for making Cologne, similar to Pink Brian and the Mysterious Jack-o'-lantern!. After the task is completed, the factory will mysteriously disappear, never to be found again.

Making Cologne Edit

Making Cologne is the only use the factory has. When tapped on, it will bring up a GUI (shown below) that shows the stuff required to craft a bottle of Cologne. Note that in order to finish the task, the Cologne must be crafted 4 separate times.

  • Icon-drop-empty-cologne Empty Cologne Bottle: 5 needed to craft one bottle, 20 in total
  • Icon-drop-toilet-water Toilet Water: 6 needed to craft one bottle, 24 in total
  • Icon-drop-green-cologne Heavy Musk: 6 needed to craft one bottle, 24 in total
  • Icon-coin Coins: 750 needed to craft one bottle, 3,000 in total

Item Dropping Characters Edit


Empty Cologne Bottle


Toilet Water


Heavy Musk

Make Dr. Hartman Test Experimental Drugs Make Mort Retreat Cowardly Make Vinny Smoke Cigar
Make Stewie Play with Lois' Stuff Make Brian Watch Lois Shower from Air Vent Make Carter Smoke Money Cigars
Make Connie Get a Luxury Spa Treatment Make Herbert Take Gross Old Man Bath Make Quagmire Giggity Strut
Make Chris Hang Out at Home Make Tom Buy Mustache Cream

Gallery Edit

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