Guess Your Weight Machine
Cost: 100 Icon-clam
Time to Build: 0:00:00
Exp for Building: unknown
Area/Event Unlocked: Quahog Circus
Area (LxW): unknown
Character Unlocked none
Guessing Wrong
Time to Collect: 1:00:00
Collection: 10 Icon-coin
Exp Collected: 5 Expfromhouse
Possible Drops


C'mon. You know you want it.

–In-Store Description

As this decoration is now rare, the Guess Your Weight Machine is a building that was featured in a limited time event, called The Greatest Little Quahog Circus (2014). If you haven't made the costume for peter in this update, every 1 hour, this machine gives you 1 pie. You needed 60 pies to make Pee Pants Peter, but it's too late now...But, if you have this machine, you can get enough pies for the costume still! Pie is now rare at this point, thank god...

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