Jealous Peter is a limited quest line featured in the 4th of July Event.

Required to CompleteEdit

80px-0,249,0,249-Peter-animation-037-actionmodal@4x Rollerskating Bikini Peter

Part 1Edit

80px-0,249,0,249-Peter-animation-037-actionmodal@4x Lois, I'm sick of you getting all the attention!
Facespace portrait loisgriffin default@4x Oh God, whatever you're thinking about doing, don't do it.
80px-0,249,0,249-Peter-animation-037-actionmodal@4x Too late! I'm impossible to control... like this hair on humid day!
Facespace portrait loisgriffin default@4x And stop reading my book of mom jokes. Those aren't for you!
What to do Cost Time
 ? undefined Collecting Stuff...  ?

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