• Kingdom of the Full Moon
  • Kingdom of the Full Moon Promo
Beginning of Event 21:00 PST, May 30, 2014
Pyramid Opened 09:00 PST, June 7, 2014
Female Mummies Released 14:00 PST, June 9, 2014
End of Event 13:00 PST, July 1, 2014

The PyramidEdit

For the first week of the event, the huge pyramid is not open. But after those 7 days, the pyramid was opened. See stuff inside the pyramid for more info.

The Greatest Mystery of Quahog...Edit

A large pyramid looms over Quahog, complete with strange hieroglyphs depicting an acient curse. What secrets does the pyramid hold, and why does it smell faintly of beer? This sounds like a mystery that only Peter and Cleveland can solve! And you. They need your stinky finger.

"Where in the world did that Pyramid come from!?" you may ask after updating your game. Well, let's just say Peter and Cleveland Brown "went" to the museum. But, Cleveland's missing! So it's up to you to find him and save his life.

Limited Currency Edit

  • Moon Idols are a type of currency that can be collected during this limited event from various tasks and buildings that can be used towards purchasing decorations and buildings from the store as well as unlocking prizes from the Pyramid for collecting a total number of Moon Idols.

The Stuff Inside the Pyramid: Edit

Adventure's Journal Edit

Read the Adventure's Journal to follow Peter and Cleveland throughout their journey in this Limited Event

New Characters and Outfits Edit

Character Building

Cleveland Brown

Quahog Egyptian Musuem

Facespace portrait clevelandbrown default@4x Building-quahog-ancient-museum
Adventure Peter Facespace portrait petergriffin adventure default@4x.png
80s Pop Star Cleveland Character-80s-Pop-Star-Cleveland-facespace

New NPC's Edit

Character Name Picture
Party Mummy Boy Icon-mummy-from-kotfm-event
Party Mummy Girl Icon-mummy-from-kotfm-event-2.png

Quest LinesEdit

Limited Edition StuffEdit

Name Rate Where Found
Icon-drop-snakes Snakes Common Facespace portrait quagmire default@4x Photocopy Private Parts
Facespace portrait bonnieswanson default@4x Flirt with Poolboy
Exotic Snack Stall
Icon-drop-pistol Pistol Rare Facespace portrait petergriffin default@4x Tickle nose with Army Rifle
Founding Father
Adventurer's Bazaar
Icon-drop-bullwhip Bullwhip Rare Facespace portrait jerome default@4x Bake Sandy Scones
Facespace-portrait-chris Draw Adventure Comic
Antiquities Bazaar
Quahog Egyptian Musuem
Icon-drop-canteen Canteen Uncommon Facespace portrait bruce default@4x Canteen Spritzer Time
Facespace portrait jerome default@4x Wash Sand out of Afro
Icon-drop-inner-tube Inner Tube Rare Facespace portrait quagmire default@4x Fornicate with Giraffes

Fat Kid Hula Hoop

Icon-drop-bathtub Bathtub Extra Rare Facespace portrait bonnieswanson default@4x

Abuse Jacuzzi Jets

Facespace portrait petergriffin adventure default@4x.png

Grow Rugged Beard

Facespace portrait petergriffin adventure default@4x.png

Practice Swapping Out the Moon Idol

Quahog Egyptian Musuem
Icon-drop-pleather Pleather Rare Facespace portrait bruce default@4x Be a Good Listener
Facespace portrait bonnieswanson default@4x Twerk It
Budget Badass
Icon-drop-afosheen Sheen Rare Facespace portrait jerome default@4x Grow his Fro
Facespace portrait petergriffin default@4x Cook Disgusting Vegetables
Fast Fresh
Icon-drop-dancing-shoes Dancing Shoes Common Facespace portrait clevelandbrown default@4x Grab a Beer
Facespace portrait quagmire default@4x Mix Drinks
Razzle Dazzle

Prizes and How to Earn them!Edit

Prize Cost Animated Description
Royal Cat Statue 100 Icon-moon-idol No You know the economy is good when you've got a giant statue of a cat sitting in a throne.
Bronze Adventure Trophy 750 Icon-moon-idol No Bronze: The step-dad of awards.

25 Icon-clam

2,000 Icon-moon-idol

Stewie Sphinx

5,000 Icon-moon-idol No Acts tough, but still wears a diaper.

Active Volcano

11,000 Icon-moon-idol Yes aka an earth butthole

Silver Adventure Trophy

18,000 Icon-moon-idol No This trophy says you're better than most people. Except for the people who have the gold, so club them with this trophy and run!
Party Camel 28,000 Icon-moon-idol Yes This poor guy has no idea why everyone's laughing at his toes.
Party Pyramid 35,000 Icon-moon-idol Yes Perfect for pyramid lovers who live in apartments.
Swordsman 50,000 Icon-moon-idol Yes He took an arrow to the knee.
Not-So-angry Gorilla 70,000 Icon-moon-idol Yes His dad was one of the gorillas that went berserk in the movie "Congo."
#party #rage #thrash #repeat! 100,000 Icon-moon-idol Character...DUH ?

* You don't need to spend Moon Idols to collect the prizes. The game keeps a running total of Idols you've collected and you just need to reach a total number of idols collecting to unlock the prize.

  • Royal Cat Statue
  • Bronze Adventure Trophy
  • Stewie Sphinx
  • Active Volcano
  • Silver Adventure Trophy
  • Party Camel
  • Party Pyramid
  • Swordsman

Cryptic Capsule PrizesEdit

Prize Animated Description
300 Icon-moon-idol No Just 300 A$$e$.
375 Icon-moon-idol No Just 375 A$$e$.
450 Icon-moon-idol No Just 450 A$$e$.
800 Icon-moon-idol No Just 800 A$$e$.
1,200 Icon-moon-idol No Bootyful!
Crown Canopy Tree No Perfect to nap under or piss on.
Lava Hot Tub Yes Finally, a hot tub hot enough to burn away gross stranger bacteria.
35 Icon-clam No 30 CLAMS!
50 Icon-clam No Extra Clamy!
Evil Monkey Statue No Put his finger touching E.T's and you've just made a Family Guy cutaway.
Fancy Magma Shrine No Magma is molten rock found beneath the surface of the Earth.
  • Moon Idols
  • Crown Canopy Tree
  • Lava Hot Tub
  • CLAMS!
  • Evil Monkey Statue
  • Fancy Magma Shrine

Royal Sarcophagus PrizesEdit

Prize Animated Description
1,600 Icon-moon-idol No Just 1,600 A$$e$.
1,800 Icon-moon-idol No Just 1,800 A$$e$.
2,400 Icon-moon-idol No Just 2,400 A$$e$.
800 Icon-moon-idol No Just 800 A$$e$.
4,000 Icon-moon-idol No Just 4,000 A$$e$.
6,500 Icon-moon-idol No Bootyful!
Desert Oasis No "Large Puddle" didn't sound as elegant.
Lotus Pond No Great place for huckin' rocks.
150 Icon-clam No 150 CLAMS!
250 Icon-clam No 250 CLAMS!
500 Icon-clam No CLAM DUNK!
Disco Floor Yes Dancing is about fighting with the ground. (EXCLUSIVE!)
DJ Booth Yes The perfect place for guys who like to wear sweat bands for no-athletic purposes. (EXCLUSIVE!)
Badonkadonk Shrine No A HUGE F'ING BUTT!
  • Moon Idols
  • Desert Oasis
  • Lotus Pond
  • Disco Floor
  • DJ Booth
  • Badonkadonk Shrine

Limited Edition DecorationsEdit

Decoration Cost Animated Store Description

Bubbling Lava Fence

150 Icon-moon-idol No A scalding yet functional "F U" to your neighbors.

Baby Palm Tree


Tiki Torch

250 Icon-moon-idol No It's what Jimmy Buffet uses to burn toucans when he's bored.

Crown Canopy Tree

500 Icon-moon-idol No Perfect to nap under or piss on.

Evil Monkey Statue

10,000 Icon-moon-idol No Put his finger touching E.T.'s and you've just made a family guy cutaway.
Lava Hot Tub 1,250 Icon-moon-idol Yes Finally, a hot tub hot enough to burn away gross stranger bacteria.
Red Hot Coal Pit 500 Icon-moon-idol No C'mon. You know you want it.
Party Palm 5 Icon-clam No This tree's coconuts ONLY go into piña coladas.
Baby Party Palm Tree 5 Icon-clam No WOOOOOO! IT'S A MOTHER F'ING BABY PALM TREE, Y'ALL!
Really Fancy Throne 300 Icon-moon-idol No Another Fox-funded masterpiece.
Succulent Garden 20 Icon-moon-idol No Let's call cactuses what they really are: mean bushes.
Egyptian Bath House 3,000 Icon-moon-idol No The perfect place to sit naked with your boss.
King Butt Flag 50 Icon-moon-idol No I don't know, I'd hang up a flag with a butt on it.
  • Bubbling Lava Fence
  • Baby Palm Tree
  • Tiki Torch
  • Crown Canopy Tree
  • Evil Monkey Statue
  • Lava Hot Tub
  • Red Hot Coal Pit
  • Party Palm
  • Baby Party Palm Tree

Limited Edition Buildings Edit

Building Cost Produces Drops Store Description
Quahog Egyptian Musuem 200 Icon-moon-idol Icon-moon-idol Not found in the store. Building needs to be rebuilt.
Fancy Magma Shrine 75 Icon-clam
20 Icon-coin 6 Icon-moon-idol 15 Icon-exp
Magma is molten rock found beneath the surface of the Earth. (Animated)
Swanky Magma Shrine 200 Icon-clam
30 Icon-coin 48 Icon-moon-idol 15 Icon-exp
When magma is expelled during a volcanic eruption, it becomes lava. (Animated)
Lavish Magma Shrine 400 Icon-clam
45 Icon-coin 250 Icon-moon-idol 30 Icon-exp
When magma cools and solidifies, it is called igneous rock. (Animated)
Exotic Snack Stall 25 Icon-clam
20 Icon-coin 15 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-snakes C'mon. You know you want it.
Adventurer's Bazaar 100 Icon-clam
30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-pistol C'mon. You know you want it.
Antiquities Bazaar 150 Icon-clam
45 Icon-coin 30 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-bullwhip C'mon. You know you want it.
Desert Oasis 15,000 Icon-moon-idol
30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
"Large Puddle" didn't sound as elegant.
Lotus Pond 20,000 Icon-moon-idol
60 Icon-coin 40 Icon-exp
Great place for huckin' rocks.
Ricky's Cantina 150 Icon-clam
30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-inner-tube C'mon. You know you want it.
Hanging Gardens of Babylon 175 Icon-clam
45 Icon-coin 30 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-bathtub C'mon. You know you want it.
Chaste Camel 75 Icon-clam
10 Icon-coin 5 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-canteen C'mon. You know you want it.
Razzle Dazzle 75 Icon-clam
50 Icon-coin 15 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-dancing-shoes Shining shoes up front, shining other things 'round back.
Fast Fresh 150 Icon-clam
50 Icon-coin 25 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-afosheen When they're not doing hair, they're posting videos of women fighting.
Budget Badass 150 Icon-clam
70 Icon-coin 45 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-pleather Specializing in on-trend pleather accessories. Pleather: It's like leather, if leather still lived with it's grandma.
  • Quahog Ancient Museum
  • Fancy Magma Shrine
  • Swanky Magma Shrine
  • Lavish Magma Shrine
  • Exotic Snack Stall
  • Adventurer's Bazaar
  • Antiquities Bazaar
  • Desert Oasis
  • Lotus Pond
  • Ricky's Cantina
  • Hanging Gardens of babylon
  • Chaste Camel

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