• This is a list of all the uncontrollable characters in the game. (doesn't include NPCs)

Ollie WilliamsEdit

  • Appears every time you level up.


  • Your workers that clear blocks and build buildings.

Cairo Swordsman Edit

Mitch and CameronEdit

  • Appears during Bruces questline.

Dr Hartmans LadiesEdit

  • appears during Dr hartmans main questline.

Mayor Of ComedyEdit

  • Appears commonly when someone makes a joke.

Cleveland's 90s dancersEdit

Giant ChickenEdit

  • Appears in the intro fighting Peter Griffin.
  • Appears on the splash screen.


George Takeis DancersEdit

  • The dancers that appear when George Takei does the job: flash mob.

Monocole-Clad GentlemanEdit

Chumba Wumbas Edit

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