Madame Claude
Fg d11 madame claude
District/Event Unlocked: The Graveyard
Building: Psychic Parlor
Requirements to Unlock
22 Icon action D11 MmeClaude tarot 8 Fg materials D11 MmeClaude spoon
4 Fg materials D11 MmeClaude crystal 3 Fg materials D11 MmeClaude hairband
12,000 Icon-coin
You're going to be rich! Call my hotline to hear similar things about your future.

–Madame Claude's unlock message

Madame Claude is a character in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. She is Cleveland Brown's Jamaican cousin and a psychic who can read peoples' minds, as well as see through peoples' past lives through palm reading. She appeared in the Season 7 episode "Peter's Progress". She is voiced by Family Guy writer and actor/comedian John Viener.

Icon action D11 MmeClaude tarot
Tarot Cards (Common)
Fg materials D11 MmeClaude spoon
Bent Spoon (Uncommon)
Fg materials D11 MmeClaude crystal
Crystal Ball (Common)
Fg materials D11 MmeClaude hairband
Hairband (Rare)
Make Stewie Learn New Choreography (2) Get from The Founding Father (4) Make Connie Steal Meg's Diary (12) Make Lois Shoplift (8)
Make Mayor West Regurgitate Raft (4) Get from Taste of Sicily (8) Make Tricia Interview Shoppers (12) Get from Psychic Parlor (8)
Make Pawtucket Pat Drink Beer from Hat (2) Get form Meatloafaria (6) Make Peter Feed Master (12)
Make Olivia Throw a tantrum (2)

Other Outfits Edit

Facespace portrait madameclaude

Quest to Unlock Edit

See the full course of the quest line: Psyched Out

Tasks Edit

Task Time Rewards Drops Requires Unlock Description
Shop for Crystal Ball 1:00:00
20 Icon-coin 12 Icon-exp
Stopnshop50pxnail Looking for deals on new balls...

Read Palms 2:00:00
30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Building madameclaudespsychicparlor Touching other people's sweaty hands...

Astral Projection 4:00:00
50 Icon-coin 30 Icon-exp
Separating her spirit from her body...

Consult an 8-Ball 6:00:00
65 Icon-coin 45 Icon-exp
Building madameclaudespsychicparlor Reading the future...

Communicate with the Spirits 8:00:00
80 Icon-coin 50 Icon-exp
Building ModernMausoleum Icon-level-02 Inquiring about your dead grandma...

Take Money from Gullible People 10:00:00
90 Icon-coin 59 Icon-exp
Building madameclaudespsychicparlor Swindling desparate people...

Play with Tarot Cards 12:00:00
100 Icon-coin 65 Icon-exp
Icon-with-bruce It's not looking good...

Chat with Dead People 16:00:00
115 Icon-coin 75 Icon-exp
Building madameclaudespsychicparlor Listening to ghosts moan about the past...

Fake Patols 20:00:00
135 Icon-coin 88 Icon-exp
Drunkenclam50pxnail Icon-level-05 Fooling everyone...

Run Psychic Hotline 24:00:00
150 Icon-coin 100 Icon-exp
Building madameclaudespsychicparlor Charging you a fortune...


  • "Nooo, that is a myth."
  • "Nice to meet you all."
  • "Oh my!"
  • "Okay, dear. Close your eyes and clear your mind."
  • "Let us begin."
  • "Oh my! You were Jack the Ripper!"


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