Midlife Crisis Lois
Time to Craft: 20:00:00
District/Event Unlocked: Asiantown
First Appearance: Lois Comes Out of Her Shell
Requirements to Craft
15 Icon-drop-exotic-extract 15 Icon-drop-exorbitant-hat
15 Icon-drop-tattoo-ink 15 Icon-drop-glass-of-wine
Anyone who's had two C-sections should definitely be running around town in a tube top!

–Description from Al Harrington's Outfits

Other Outfits Edit

Facespace portrait loisgriffin default@4x Facespace portrait loisgriffin rambo default@4x Facespace portrait loisgriffin sm default@4x Character-midlife-crisis-lois-facespace Red Hot Facespace Flois-fs SexySanta-facespaceFacespace portrait loisgriffin startrekFacespace portrait loisgriffin mobwifeBadmaidloisfacespaceFacespace slasherbaitloisFacespace portrait loisgriffin imperatorFacespace portrait cavewomanloisgriffinFacespace portrait loisgriffin catwomanFacespace portrait loisgriffin piratequeenFacespace portrait loisgriffin FBIFacespace portrait loisgriffin pixelFacespace portrait loisgriffin killbillFacespace portrait loisgriffin lifeguardFacespace portrait lois pinkranger 49508Facespace portrait loisgriffin boxer 75px|Joan of Arc Lois|link=Joan of Arc Lois

Quest to Unlock Edit

Quest What to Do Reward Money Reward Exp
One Hot Mama Pt. 1 Enter Asiantown District 500 Icon-coin 350 Icon-exp
One Hot Mama Pt. 2 Build Awful Person Hattery 500 Icon-coin 350 Icon-exp
One Hot Mama Pt. 3 Character-midlife-crisis-lois-facespace Craft Midlife Crisis Lois 500 Icon-coin 350 Icon-exp
One Hot Mama Pt. 4 Character-midlife-crisis-lois-facespace Skank it Up 500 Icon-coin 350 Icon-exp
One Hot Mama Pt. 5 Character-midlife-crisis-lois-facespace Cool Down 500 Icon-coin 350 Icon-exp
One Hot Mama Pt. 6 Enter Entertainment District 20 Icon-clam 350 Icon-exp
Clear the Amusement Park Block

Tasks Edit

Task Time Rewards Drops Requires Unlock Description
Icon-lois-drink-irresponsibly Drink Irresponsibly 1:00:00
20 Icon-coin 12 Icon-exp

Icon-lois-skank-it-up Skank it Up 4:00:00
50 Icon-coin 30 Icon-exp

Icon-lois-drink-irresponsibly Show off Tramp Stamp 6:00:00
65 Icon-coin 45 Icon-exp
Icon-lois-ride-the-bucking-brono Ride the Bucking Bronco 8:00:00
80 Icon-coin 50 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-sombrero Glove

Icon-lois-cool-down Cool Down 12:00:00
100 Icon-coin 65 Icon-exp
Midlife crisis Lois in the show