Mysterious Jack'o lantern!
Cost: FREE
Time to Build: 00:00:00
Exp for Building: unknown
Area/Event Unlocked: You need Brian Griffin to participate in this special event.
Area (LxW): 3x3
Character Unlocked Pink Brian
No action
Time to Collect: 00:00:00
Collection: unknown
Exp Collected: unknown
Possible Drops

No Known Drops

Once a day, collect a piece of magical candy from the candy buckets! Earn sufficient candies to unlock Pink Brian!


The Mysterious Jack'o lantern! is a building which appeared on 19th September, 2014 as a "Pre-Halloween" update. This building spawned only if you had Brian. It usually spawned on the middle of your Quahog, you could move it but not put to the inventory because it's "too important". After the building spawned, started a challenge to unlock Pink Brian in 15 days. After these days the Mysterious Jack'o lantern! disappeared and you wasn't able to get the Pink Brian any more.

To unlock Pink Brian you had to collect specific candys which spawned every day on your street. The candy timer reseted on 12 PM, PDT.

The Mysterious Jack'o lantern! was only to see your progress in collecting the candys, it wasn't a building that dropped money or exp.

It also disappeared after you have unlocked Pink Brian.

Candy Types Edit

These candy buckets appeared on your streets, every colour meant a different candy :


Kookie Nut Pop Bucket gived you one Kookie Nut Pop.

You needed 3 of them to unlock Pink Brian.


Not-a-Finger Bucket gived you one Not-a-Finger.

You needed 3 of them to unlock Pink Brian.


Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar Bars Bucket gives you one Sixty-Four


Thousand Dollar Bar.

You needed 4 of them to unlock Pink Brian.

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