New Year's Brian
Time to Craft: 10:00
District/Event Unlocked: New Year 2015
First Appearance: unknown
Requirements to Craft
150 Icon-clam
I'm dressed up for love. Or the closest holiday skank.

–Description from Al Harrington's Outfits

" What's that? You think this costume is easy to get? Okay, YOU try wrestling a dog into a tuxedo. " - Wiki description

Other Outfits Edit

Facespace portrait briangriffin default@4x Character-pb&j-brian-facespace Pinkbrianfixedfacespace Briangriffin puppy facespace Facespace portrait BrianGriffinFacespace portrait brian dalmationFacespace portrait burntOutBrianFacespace portrait briangriffin rapperFacespace portrait BrianGriffin secretSpyFacespace portrait briangriffin fitFacespace portrait BrianGriffin apocalypseFacespaace BrianGriffin CerberusFacespace portrait FatBrianFacespace BrianGriffin WoolyBrianFacespace portrait briangriffin batmanFacespace portrait briangriffin 80sgamerFacespace portrait briangriffin tigerFacespace portrait briangriffin mysticfighterFacespace portrait brian mcconaugheyFacespace BrianGriffin powerrangers goldar 49589

Quest to Unlock Edit

Quest Whato Do Reward Money Reward Exp
Love Changes Everything Pt. 1 Have Brian Kick Bad Habits 30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Love Changes Everything Pt. 2 Have Chris Walk Brian 30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Love Changes Everything Pt. 3 Build Unemployment Office 30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Have Brian Initiate Plan B
Love Changes Everything Pt. 4 Get New Year's Brian's Outfit 30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Have New Year's Brian Croon
Love Changes Everything Pt. 5 Have Brian Entertain Patrons 30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Save Up 2,500 Coins
Love Changes Everything Pt. 6 Have New Year's Brian recite Poem 30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Have Jillian Twirl Her Hair

Tasks Edit

Task Time Rewards Drops Requires Unlock Description
Adjust Bow Tie 02:00:00
30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Black Necklace

Brag About Humility 02:00:00
30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp

Drink Champagne 04:00:00
50 Icon-coin 30 Icon-exp

Make Resolutions 06:00:00
65 Icon-coin 45 Icon-exp

Croon like Sinatra 08:00:00
80 Icon-coin 50 Icon-exp

Entertain Patrons 08:00:00
80 Icon-coin 50 Icon-exp

Quote Dostoyevsky 10:00:00
90 Icon-coin 59 Icon-exp

Wag Tail Uncontrollably 14:00:00
110 Icon-coin 71 Icon-exp

Eat Throwup 16:00:00
115 Icon-coin 75 Icon-exp

Lick Croth 24:00:00
150 Icon-coin 100 Icon-exp

Recite a Poem 24:00:00
150 Icon-coin 100 Icon-exp

Sing a Set ??:00:00
 ??? Icon-coin  ??? Icon-exp

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