Peter Griffin
District/Event Unlocked: none
Building: none
Requirements to Unlock
Let's play Call of Duty! Oh wait no..... Let's play this, this is good.

–Description from Inventory

Peter Griffin is the primary (or default; main) character in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. He requires nothing to be unlocked and is one of the only characters that can reach level 25. He needs you and your (possibly sweaty) fingers to help him rebuild Quahog from the ground up in the quest to fix Something He Definitely Did Not Cause. He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

" Lois said I have to make myself useful, so I destroyed the town for her. " - Wiki description

Other Outfits Edit

Facespace portrait petergriffin default@4x Facespace portrait petergriffin hooker default@4x Facespace portrait petergriffin tweaker default V2@4x Facespace portrait petergriffin mermaid default@4x Facespace portrait petergriffin pirate default@4x Facespace portrait petergriffin goldsuit default@4x Facespace-pee-pants-peter Character-anime-peter-facespace Facespace portrait petergriffin adventure default@4x.png Bikinipeterfacespace Facespace portrait petergriffin soapopera default@4x Character-falconer-peter-facespace Peter CptHammered Facespace GhstBsterPeterFS Facespace portrait peter intimatewear Facespace portrait petergriffin forklift default@2x Facespaace portrait elfPetter Character-beautiful-peter-facespaceFacespace portrait startrekpeterFacespace portrait petergriffin birdbeardFacespace portrait petergriffin mobsterFacespace portrait peter bboyFacespace portrait peter rockerFacespace portrait peter starbright version2Facespace portrait peter lederhosenFacespace slasherbaitpeterv2Facespace portrait petergriffin privateFacespaace peterMillionaireCowboyFacespace portrait petergriffin footballFacespace portrait petergriffin easterbunnyFacespace portrait petergriffin maxipaddyFacespace portrait petergriffin apocalypseFacespaace PeterGriffin togaFacespace portrait petergriffin blueberryFacespace portrait petergriffin DinoTrainerFacespace portrait petergriffin supermanFacespace portrait petergriffin sheriffFacespace portrait petergriffin billionaireFacespace portrait petergriffin onesieFacespace portrait petergriffin dojoFacespace portrait peterPimpFacespace portrait petergriffin vice 47804 defaultFacespace portrait petergriffin powerranger Facespace portrait petergriffin boxer Facespace petergriffin griffinpeterson

Tasks Edit

Task Time Rewards Drops Requires Unlock Description
Icon-peter-surf-the-bird-2 Surf the Bird 0:01:00
5 Icon-coin 3 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-tub-of-vaseline Icon-drop-fireworks Icon-drop-oregano Icon-level-02 Ba-ba-ba-bird bird bird...

Icon-consuela-heated-argument Heated Argument 0:30:00
24 Icon-coin 15 Icon-exp

Icon-peter-drink-at-the-clam Hang Out at the Clam 1:00:00
20 Icon-coin 12 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-pawtucket-ale Drunkenclam50pxnail Hanging Out...

Icon-jerome-do-an-ethnic-handshake Do an Ethnic Handshake 2:00:00
75 Icon-coin 50 Icon-exp
Icon-with-jerome Handshaking ethnically...

Icon-peter-stub-his-knee Stub His Knee 2:00:00
30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-hawaiin-shirts Icon-drop-fabric-scraps Fg materials rumpRoast Icon-level-03 Ssssss... ahhhhh...

Icon-peter-chortle Chortle 2:00:00
30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Icon-level-11 Laughing at something...

Sell Beer 2:00:00
30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Drunkenclam50pxnail Selling Beer...

Icon-peter-cook-disgusting-vegetables Cook Disgusting Vegetables 4:00:00
50 Icon-coin 30 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-gloves Icon-drop-blue-glass Fg materials tofurkey Building griffinhouse 50pxnail v6@4x Icon-level-04 Cooking leaves...

Icon-peter-drinks-with-peter Drinks with Peter 4:00:00
125 Icon-coin 75 Icon-exp
Icon-with-buzz Drinking the day away...

Icon-peter-have-nap-time Have Nap Time 6:00:00
165 Icon-coin 115 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-handcuffs Icon-drop-fuzzy-slippers Icon-drop-popsicle Icon-with-quagmire Dude-spooning...

Icon-peter-taste-the-rapier Taste the Rapier 6:00:00
65 Icon-coin 45 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-sword Herbertshouse50pxnail Icon-level-05 Tasting Peter's rapier...

Icon-peter-overeat Overeat 6:00:00
65 Icon-coin 45 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-antacids Building-mcburgertown Overeating...

Icon-mort-do-taxes Do Peter's Taxes 6:00:00
165 Icon-coin 115 Icon-exp
Withmort Doing taxes...
Cheeruppeter Cheer Up Peter 6:00:00
165 Icon-coin 115 Icon-exp
Withbutterbrian Cheering up Peter...

Grindgear Grind His Gears 6:00:00
65 Icon-coin 45 Icon-exp
Sitalighttomrare Quahog 5 News Icon-level-10 Grinding his Gears...
Icon-peter-dance-the-shipoopi Dance the Shipoopi 8:00:00
80 Icon-coin 50 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-skechies Pitcher Icon-drop-ruby-heels Icon-level-03 Shipoopi-ing...

Brew Beer 8:00:00
80 Icon-coin 50 Icon-exp
Building griffinhouse 50pxnail v6@4x Brewing Bad...

Icon-lois-resolve-marital-issues Resolve Marital Issues 8:00:00
200 Icon-coin 125 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-subpoenas Icon-with-lois Resolving issues...

Icon-cleveland-80s-dance 80's Club Dance 8:00:00
200 Icon-coin 65 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-cd Withcleveland Dancing to synth...

80sdance2 80’s Club Dance 8:00:00
200 Icon-coin 65 Icon-exp
80s Pop Star Cleveland
Icon-peter-play-with-expensive-xray-machines Play with Expensive X-ray Machine 10:00:00
90 Icon-coin 60 Icon-exp
Building-quahog-hospital Icon-level-10

Icon-peter-respect-beer-oclock Respect Beer O'Clock 12:00:00
250 Icon-coin 165 Icon-exp
Icon-with-joe Icon-level-02

Icon-peter-kick-stuff-roadhouse Kick Stuff! Roadhouse! 12:00:00
100 Icon-coin 65 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-adrenaline Fg materials PeaceSignNecklace Solving problems...

Icon-peter-ride-the-washing-machine Ride the Washing Machine 12:00:00
100 Icon-coin 65 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-maracas Building griffinhouse 50pxnail v6@4x Icon-level-09 Riding the machine...

Icon-peter-fat-leapfrog Fat Leapfrog 12:00:00
250 Icon-coin 165 Icon-exp
Icon-with-chris Icon-level-02 Fat leapfrogging...
Writeongeorgetakeisfacespace Write on George Takei's FaceSpace 14:00:00
110 Icon-coin 70 Icon-exp
Building griffinhouse 50pxnail v6@4x Icon-level-10 FaceSpacing...

Petergriffin-eatwings Eat Wings 16:00:00
115 Icon-coin 75 Icon-exp
Fg building hotwingsrestaurant Setting mouth on fire...

Icon-peter-bench-press-whales Bench Press Whales 18:00:00
125 Icon-coin 80 Icon-exp
Building-quahog-wharf Icon-level-07 Bench pressing whales...

Icon-peter-check-birth-certificate Double Check Birth Certificate 20:00:00
135 Icon-coin 90 Icon-exp
Building griffinhouse 50pxnail v6@4x Icon-level-06 Double Checking Birth Certificate...

Icon-peter-watch-cartoons Watch Cartoons 24:00:00
150 Icon-coin 100 Icon-exp
Building griffinhouse 50pxnail v6@4x Icon-level-10 Watching cartoons...

One Time Tasks Edit

Note: Those tasks were available only at beginning of the game (tutorial).

Task Time Rewards Drops Requires Unlock Description
Icon-peter-tear-away-pants Tear Away Pants 0:00:04
3 Icon-coin 3 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-pants -

Icon-peter-get-better-reception Get Better Reception 0:00:06
5 Icon-coin 3 Icon-exp
Icon-with-chris Getting better reception...

Icon-peter-kick-stuff-roadhouse Kick Stuff Roadhouse! 0:00:06
5 Icon-coin 3 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-adrenaline Solving problems...

Icon-peter-fat-leapfrog Fat Leapfrog 0:00:06
15 Icon-coin 8 Icon-exp
Icon-with-chris Icon-level-02 Fat leapfrogging...

Icon-peter-surf-the-bird-2 Surf the Bird 0:00:06
5 Icon-coin 3 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-dulcet-tones Icon-level-02 Ba-ba-ba-bird bird bird...
Icon-peter-surf-the-bird-2 Surf the Bird 0:00:06
1 Icon-clam 3 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-butt-scratcher Icon-level-02 Ba-ba-ba-bird bird bird...

Icon-peter-put-out-the-fire Put out the Fire 0:00:10
5 Icon-coin 3 Icon-exp

Tasks During the Kingdom of the Full Moon 2014 Event Edit

Task Time Rewards Drops Requires Unlock Description
Icon-joe-beer-skeet-shooting Tickle Nose with Army Rifle 4:00:00
50 Icon-coin 30 Icon-exp

Tasks During the Ghostbusters 2014 Event Edit

Task Time Rewards Drops Requires Unlock Description
Diggintask Dig Through Attic 2:00:00
5 Spiritvials 1 Frightpoints

Icon-jerome-do-an-ethnic-handshake Do an Ethnic Handshake 2:00:00
75 Icon-coin 25 Spiritvials 15 Frightpoints

Bibletask Spend Time with His Father 8:00:00
25 Spiritvials 5 Frightpoints
Building griffinhouse 50pxnail v6@4x

Tasks During the Valentine's Day 2015 Event Edit

Task Time Rewards Drops Requires Unlock Description
Struggle Struggle Through Workout 4:00:00
30 Icon-exp 20 Homemade Valentines
Building griffinhouse 50pxnail v6@4x The struggle is real...


Selected Edit

Beginning a Task Busy Finished a Task Picked Up Dropped
"Am I right?" Do you hear it "Aw, sweet!" "We are gonna be rich" "It worked!" "Aaaaaah!" Do you hear it "Aww..."
"That's awesome!" Do you hear it "I'm not above manual labor" "Heheheheheh" "This has been an unproductive use of my time" "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!"
"No...freakin'...way" Do you hear it "Oh, okay!" "It just sounds like busy work" "Sweet, high-five!" "Oh the hell with this!" "How dare you..."
"Peter Griffin here, whaddya got?" Press to hear "As you wish" Do you hear it "I am very busy!" "Done!" Do you hear it "Heheheheheh" "Oh I'm soo scared!"
"From now on, we're all gonna do whatever I wanna do" "Oh, God Yes!" "I can't do that" "Owwwwww!" "Oh thank god"
"Heheheheheh" "I will not allow this opportunity to go to waste!" "Okay, these are a maybe" "Noooooo!" "Wow that's amazing!"
"I'm readin' you loud and clear" Do you hear it "I think you and I are gonna have a lot of fun together" "Oh my god." "Well, there goes my music career"
"This place is a nuthouse" Do you hear it "Alright, go!" Do you hear it "Things got crazy so fast"
"Brace yourselves, 'cause I have got big news!" Do you hear it Okay Go "(Gasp) would do that?"
"Oh my god, have you seen this?!"

Task wiki description's  Edit

( Note: Only permanent in-game tasks will be listed. )

  • " I'm feeling like dancing right now. " - Surf The Bird
  • " Oh no she di-int. " - Have A Heated Argument With Consuela
  • " I'm meeting the guys there anyway. See 'ya. " - Hang Out At The Clam
  • " High five, indeed. " - Perform An Ethnic Handshake With Jerome
  • "Hey look, I did that thing where cartoon characters trip when there's nothing there, but it still hurts. You might wanna stick around. " - Stub His Knee
  • "I've had lots of practice with this on Chris, sometimes on purpose. " - Chortle
  • " This was a dream come true, and I'm constantly having that very dream. " - Sell Beer
  • " God, this is so gross. I can't believe l let you do this to me. " - Cook Disgusting Vegetables
  • " HIGH TIME! - Drinks With Peter
  • " I love snuggling. even when Quagmire won't do it, I still find a way with strangers. " - Have Nap Time With Quagmire
  • " Y'know, a long time ago, there wasn't any rape-like thing to taste. " - Taste The Rapier
  • " All this over-eating has made me hungry. What's for second-lunch? " - Overeat
  • " Mort does the tax part. I just fall asleep and dream about sex. " - Do Taxes With Mort
  • " I don't even like peanut butter and jelly, Brian. " - Cheer Up Peter With Brian
  • " Got to get my gears grinding, like the maniac everyone thinks I am. Wait, what? " - Grind His Gears
  • " Let's get this party started. I don't give a shit if it's already started. " - Dance The Shipoopi
  • " Now I can have all the beer I want. Thanks. " - Brew Beer
  • " Wives can be so cruel sometimes. Are you single? " - Resolve Martial Issues With Lois
  • " I was alive in the 80's once. I WENT TO COLLEGE IN THE 80'S! " - 80's Club Dance With Cleveland
  • " OMFG! I can dance 80's style in another way. " - Second 80's Club Dance With 80's Pop Star Cleveland
  • " Tee Hee. I can see my ass. And the other thing. " - Play With Expensive X-Ray Machine
  • " We should have a patriotic song for this hour. " - Respect Beer O' Clock With Joe
  • " ROADHOUSE! " - Kick Stuff! Roadhouse
  • " I never realized how fun washing machines can be. " - Ride The Washing Machine
  • " This is fun, because it causes pain for me and Chris, but mostly Chris. " - Play Fat Leapfrog With Chris
  • " Who is this guy, anyway ? " - Write On George Takei's Facespace
  • " These are no longer Free Birds... " - Eat Wings
  • " ...And THIS is no longer Free Willy. " - Bench Press Whales
  • " I love my family- Lois, Chris, Stewie, Brian, but not MEGATRON. " - Double Check Birth Certificate
  • " Good thing cartoons like mine don't have cheap parody's. " - Watch Cartoons


  • His first costume, Tweaked Out Peter, is from the episode, April in Quahog
  • His action, Kick Stuff. Roadhouse!, is from the episode, Brian's Got a New Bag.
  • He has the most costumes of all the characters.
  • Like most characters, Many of his quotes are from the show.