Quahog Egyptian Museum
Cost: 200 Icon-moon-idol
Time to Repair: 8:00:00
Exp for Repairing: 40 Expfromhouse
Area/Event Unlocked: Kingdom of the Full Moon
Area (LxW): 6x5
Character Unlocked Cleveland Brown (only during the event)
Billing insurance...
Time to Collect: 8:00:00
Collection: 60 Icon-coin
Exp Collected: 30 Expfromhouse
Possible Drops

Icon-drop-bathtub Icon-drop-bullwhip

Like all museums, people only go here when they have family visiting from out of town.

–In-Store Description

The Quahog Egyptian Museum is a building that could be obtained in the shop for free after the Kingdom of the Full Moon event (only if the player has repaired it during the KotFM event). During the event the building was in the event place and could be repaired there. After the repairing you would find Cleveland Brown as an non-premium character.

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