Clamtastic Articles


The "Clamtastic" Articles are pages that have been awarded because they're freakin' sweet!


Is my article clamtastic?

-Make sure it has:


  • Character picture
  • No grammar mistakes
  • Requirements (with picture and description what that is)
  • Tasks (every picture, every information with all drops and levels)
  • Limited Time Tasks and One Time Tasks (from all events, specially Peter)
  • Information about the character (appearing in Family Guy or/and what he/she does; which event he/she appears; how get her/him)
  • Quotes

You can also put in the article a poll and a gallery (you don't have to)


  • Building Box with all informations filled in
  • Appearance in Family Guy

You can also put in the article a poll and a gallery (you don't have to)

I think my article is ready. How can I make the it "Clamtastic"?

-You think your article is ready? So, here is the instruction how to make it clamtastic:


1. While you're editing an article, press on "Instert".


2. Then you have to press the "Template" button.


3. You will see this window, search for "Medal Clamtastic", and choose the upcoming button.


4. Another window will appear, now you just have to press "Close" and you're done!

Your article will be freakin' sweet after saving!

List of Clamtastic Articles: Edit

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