The Royal Sarcophagus was featured only in the Kingdom of the Full Moon event. Cost: 120 Icon-clam


Prize Animated Description
1,600 Icon-moon-idol No Just 1,600 A$$e$.
1,800 Icon-moon-idol No Just 1,800 A$$e$.
2,400 Icon-moon-idol No Just 2,400 A$$e$.
800 Icon-moon-idol No Just 800 A$$e$.
4,000 Icon-moon-idol No Just 4,000 A$$e$.
6,500 Icon-moon-idol No Bootyful!
Desert Oasis No "Large Puddle" didn't sound as elegant.
Lotus Pond No Great place for huckin' rocks.
150 Icon-clam No 150 CLAMS!
250 Icon-clam No 250 CLAMS!
500 Icon-clam No CLAM DUNK!
Disco Floor Yes Dancing is about fighting with the ground. (EXCLUSIVE!)
DJ Booth Yes The perfect place for guys who like to wear sweat bands for no-athletic purposes. (EXCLUSIVE!)
Badonkadonk Shrine No A HUGE F'ING BUTT!
Fart of the Covenant No Don't look, Marion, keep your nose shut! (SPECIAL ACTION!)

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