Sexy Santa Lois
Loisgriffin sexysanta
Time to Craft: 0:10:00
District/Event Unlocked: Miracle on Spooner Street 2014
First Appearance: unknown
Requirements to Craft
500 Eventcurrency christmas 15 Icon-drop-christmas-star
7 Icon-drop-santa-dress 5 Icon-drop-mistletoe
Come and trim my Christmas tree.

–Description from Al Harrington's Outfits


Christmas Star


Santa Dress



Make Jerome Play Ball Make Bonnie Go to Ladies' Night  Make Quagmire Enjoy Carrots
Make Chris Nose Goblins Make Lois Freshen Up Make Peter Put Up the Tree
Make Cleveland Grab a Beer Collect from the Happy Greek Collect from the Christmas Griffin House
Collect from the Quahog Mall Collect from the Christmas Griffin House Collect from the Christmas Drunken Clam
Collect from the Christmas Griffin House

The Sexy Santa Lois is a christmas outfit for Lois in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. It could be crafted during the Miracle on Spooner Street 2014 (Christmas Update).

Other Outfits Edit

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Tasks During the Miracle on Spooner Street 2014 Edit

Task Time Rewards Drops Requires Unlock Description
Clearmallsanta Clear Mall Santa 2:00:00
10 Eventcurrency christmas 2 Hccurrency
Icon-drop-doll Icon-with-mall-santa Shaking her jingle boobs...

Quahogmallicon Look at the Nativity Scene 2:00:00
10 Eventcurrency christmas 2 Hccurrency
Building quahogmall Pretending to be devout...

Battleyeti Battle the Yeti (1 or 2 Damage) 4:00:00
15 Eventcurrency christmas 3 Hccurrency
 ? Battling the yeti...

Naughtygirl Naughty Dance 4:00:00
10 Eventcurrency christmas 3 Hccurrency
Being naughty and nice...

Throwaparty Throw a Holiday Party 6:00:00
20 Eventcurrency christmas 4 Hccurrency
Building-griffin-house Avoiding the fruit cake...

Decoratechristmastree Decorate Christmas Tree 8:00:00
25 Eventcurrency christmas 5 Hccurrency
Building-griffin-house Using garland as a boa...
Pageant Put On Christmas Pageant 12:00:00
35 Eventcurrency christmas 6 Hccurrency
Building-yacht-club Handling backstage drama...
Stiffparty Liven up a Stiff Party 20:00:00
45 Eventcurrency christmas 9 Hccurrency
Building-yacht-club Humoring old men...