Decoration slimer
Cost: 100 Icon-clam
Area/Event Unlocked: Death at the Drive-In
Area (LxW): 1x1
Animated: Yes
Why wasn't it called "Ecto Ghouler"? Seems like a missed opportunity.

–In-Store Description

Slimer was a moving decoration added to the Snack Attack Mystery Box. It was part of the Death at the Drive-In Halloween event.

Decoration slimer
District/Event Unlocked: Ghostbusters: Quahog's Halloween 2014
Informations: Android-Only
Drops upon Clearing:
30 Spirit Vials Spiritvials or
1 Terror Dog Bone Icon-drop-terror-bonez

Silmer is a special Android-only NPC that starts spawning once a save file is booted up on an Android platform. Once a file has been booted up on an Android, Slimer can be found on that file on all platforms, including iOS. He spawns every 8 hours, but only lasts for 2 minutes before disappearing. You will get a notification from Peter once he spawns and once he leaves.

Gallery Edit

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