Spooner Street is the first district in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. Since it is the first district, it is the tutorial district that guides you through the game's details and specifications. It is also the district where you can place houses and neighborhood friendly decorations.

This is where The Griffins live with there friends. It's very funny 'cause the name of the district is also the name of the street. Come on! We can call it ex. Northern Quahog or something else!

–Description from District Info Box

New Characters and Outfits Edit

Character Building
Chris Griffin

Griffin House


Building-griffin-house- small

Bonnie Swanson

Swanson House

Facespace portrait bonnieswanson default@4x Building swansonhouse thumbnail v7@4x

Glenn Quagmire

Quagmire's House

Facespace portrait quagmire default@4x Building quagmirehouse thumbnail v6@4x

New Quests Edit

Quest For Cable (Tutorial Walkthrough)
The Road to Rebuilding
Bonnie Bake Sale
Shape Up Quahog
Quest for Quagmire
Check Out Facespace
Put Some Bling On It 
The Great Quahog Multiverse
Quahog Connection

Clearing Blocks Edit

The first district only really has a single block to clear. But, since there isn't anywhere else for them to go, this list includes the 12 areas on the left side of the game board that are meant to be cleared throughout the game to make way for more buildings and decorations.

Area to Clear Cost Time
1 150 Icon-coin 0:00:05
2 Icon-coin
3 5,000 Icon-coin 16:00:00
4 Icon-coin
5 6,000 Icon-coin 20:00:00
6 7,000 Icon-coin 24:00:00
7 8,000 Icon-coin 28:00:00
8 7,000 Icon-coin 24:00:00
9 8,000 Icon-coin 28:00:00
10 9,000 Icon-coin 32:00:00
11 10,000 Icon-coin 36:00:00
12 11,000 Icon-coin 40:00:00
13 12,000 Icon-coin 44:00:00
  • The numbering of the blocks is right to left, top to bottom. Basically in order that the blocks are reachable. (i really need a screenshot with an overlay). 

Unlocking the Next District Edit

After completing Spooner Street, Peter contemplates gonig to The Drunken Clam to celebrate his victory in completing the first district(which involves entering the Clam Quarter), but ends up finding Jerome. When Jerome tells Peter that the Clam is empty, Jerome asks the player if they can rebuild The Founding Father Restaurant, but they run into Bruce, who happily volunteered to restock the Clam.

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