The freaks come out at night, and Quahog is about to get even freakier. The Graveyard is here and with it comes access to the Lazarus Portal! Finish "A State of Pure Inebriation Pt. 6" and head over.

New CharactersEdit

Character Building

Madame Claude in

Psychic Parlor

Facespace portrait madameclaude Building madameclaudespsychicparlor

Loretta Brown

Facespace portrait loretta ghost


Facespace portrait paddy ghost

New Brian

Facespace portrait newbrian

New QuestlinesEdit

Quest Parts
A Brush with Death
Psyched Out
Downtown Loretta Brown
Wanna Fight About It?
New Brian, Old Tricks
Raise the Dead Roof!

New Buildings and DecorationsEdit

Freemium BuildingsEdit

Psychic Parlor

Doggy Neckerchief Emporium

Quahog Funeral Home

Modern Mausoleum

Head First Mausoleum Makers

Marble Mausoleum

Better Off Dead Flowers

The Cozy Coffin Shop

Building madameclaudespsychicparlor
Building doggybandanastore
Building funeralhome wip
Building ModernMausoleum
Building MausoleumDesignCo
Decoration FancyMausoleum2
Fg building FuneralFlorist
Fg coffinShop3

Premium BuildingsEdit

Sick Burn Crematorium

Gothic Cathedral

Rich Guy Mausoleum

Spirit Board Shop

Building crematorium
Building premiumgothiccathedral
Decoration FancyMausoleum1
Building ouijaboardstore

Freemium DecorationsEdit

Macabre Coffin

Creepy Tomb


Brian's Old Coffin

Lost Souls Cemetary

Little Patriots Flag

Consolation Wreaths (White Flower Pot)

Whispering Willow Tree

Streamlined Grave

Consolation Wreaths (Standing Purple Bow)

Cemetery Fence

Consolation Wreaths (Purple Flower Pot)

Consolation Wreaths (Pink Bow Wreath)

Consolation Wreaths (Yellow Bow Wreath)

Hot Rod Hearse

Decoration tombSaint
Decoration tombstone2
Decoration brainCoffin
Fg decoration CemeteryGate
Decoration smallamericanflagmarkers
Decoration funeralWreaths1
Decoration cemeterywillowtree
Decoration GlitzyGrave
Decoration funeralWreaths2
Fg decoration graveyardFence
Decoration funeralWreaths4
Decoration consolationWreath pink
Decoration funeralWreaths3
Decoration hotRodHearse

Premium DecorationsEdit

Antique Hearse

Gothic Gazebo

Sculpted Angel Statue

Fg decoration horsehearse
Fg decoration GothicGazebo
Decoration sculptedangelstatue

Clearing BlocksEdit

Area to Clear Cost Time Exp
1 30,000 Icon-coin 24:00:00 100 Icon-exp
2 45,000 Icon-coin 36:00:00 150 Icon-exp
3 60,000 Icon-coin 48:00:00 200 Icon-exp

Lazarus PortalEdit

The Lazarus Portal is a very special decoration. It is a gateway to the underworld that blocks zombies and ghosts from entering our earthly plane. It is used to obtaine the ghosts of Loretta Brown, Paddy, and New Brian.

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