The Great Plutonium Heist quest line leads to unlocking the Fine Arts District. You need to complete The Wild Wild Mayor West quest in order to activate this quest.

Required to Complete Edit

MayorwestfacespaceStewie-FSFacespace portrait briangriffin default@4xCharacter-Vinny-facespace

Part 1 Edit

Mayorwestfacespace I need to get better at using my cat launcher. The cats keep biting me. It must be because I'm 30% Friskies.

What to do: Edit

What to do Time Rewards
Mayorwestfacespace Have Mayor West Practice Launching Cats 6:00:00 65 Icon-coin 45 Icon-exp

Finishing Part 1 Edit

Facespace portrait consuela default@4x I get hit with gato.
Mayorwestfacespace Haha! That's what you get for being outside!
550 Icon-coin 350 Icon-exp

Part 2 Edit

Mayorwestfacespace Time to clear out all these dogs. If anyone in this town is gonna sniff a stranger's crotch, it's gonna be me.

What to do: Edit

What to do Time Rewards
Mayorwestfacespace Have Mayor West Clear the Dogs (0/3)

Finishing Part 2 Edit

Mayorwestfacespace Now, I've gotta get rid of all these cats I launched! Where's my mouse launcher?
450 Icon-coin 300 Icon-exp

Part 3 Edit

Stewie-FS Before we go into Vinny's, I'm gonna need to draw up some battle plans.
Facespace portrait briangriffin default@4x Battle plans? What do we need battle plans for?
Stewie-FS Fine. I haven't finished the last season of "Nashville" yet, okay? I can't stop thinking about it, so before we do anything, I'm doing that.

What to do: Edit

What to do Time Rewards
Stewie-FS Have Stewie Draw up Battle Plans 16:00:00 115 Icon-coin 75 Icon-exp

Finishing Part 3 Edit

Stewie-FS Okay, I finished the battle planes. Now we're ready.
Facespace portrait briangriffin default@4x Okay, great. How was "Nashville"?
450 Icon-coin 300 Icon-exp

Part 4 Edit

Stewie-FS Alright, Brian, Mayor West should be arriving for his meeting with Vinny soon. Let's sneak in and steal the plutonium.
Facespace portrait briangriffin default@4x You know, for a high ranking official, Mayor West has very little security.
Stewie-FS I know. He watched one Jean-Claude Van Damme movie thinks he can do it himself now.

What to do: Edit

What to do Time Rewards
Mayorwestfacespace Have Mayor West Visit Vinny 12:00:00 100 Icon-coin 65 Icon-exp
Stewie-FS Have Stewie Sneak into Vinny’s House 12:00:00 100 Icon-coin 65 Icon-exp
Facespace portrait briangriffin default@4x Have Brian Sneak into Vinny’s House 12:00:00 100 Icon-coin 65 Icon-exp
Character-Vinny-facespace Have Vinny Hold Secret Meeting 4:00:00 50 Icon-coin 30 Icon-exp

Finishing Part 4 Edit

Stewie-FS We go the plutonium!
Facespace portrait briangriffin default@4x Great! But won't they come after us?
Stewie-FS No, I replaced it with a jingling set of keys. That'll keep both of them very occupied.
475 Icon-exp

After completing this quest, the questline Away We Go will activate.


  • Stewie's task, Sneak Into Vinny's House, was originally used as a constant task. However, the task was removed during the 2014 Halloween event, and eventually brought back as a one-time task for this questline.

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