Time-Traveling Blimp
Time to Craft: 0:00:00 (instantly)
District/Event Unlocked: Downtown
First Appearance: none
Requirements to Craft
8 Icon-drop-blimp-frame 10 Icon-drop-blimp-propeller
5 Icon-drop-blimp-plutonium 10 Icon-drop-blimp-control-panel
Stewie needs help collecting Blimp parts. Could this be the first step in his secret master plan? What amazing things does he need the metal for?

–Description from the Blimp Construction Site

The Time-Traveling Blimp is available to craft in the Downtown (even before you can start clearing it) after you complete Stewie's quest line: "Precious Metal". The quest will probably go on in district 11 named:Fine Arts District. The quest line of building the blimp is "Build-a-Blimp".

" Eat your heart out, GoodYear. Family Guy has this one. " - Wiki description

Required Items Edit

Blimp Frame
Blimp Propeller
Blimp Plutonium
Blimp Control Panel
Make Lois Blast Apart Kegs Make Seamus Flirt with Classic Boats Make Stewie Collect Blimp Plutonium Make Lois Shoplift
Make Stewie Dumpster Dive Make Stewie Salvage Parts Make Brian Collect Blimp Plutonium Make Stewie Raid Impounded Cars
Make Brian Dumpster Dive Make Glenn Watch 40s War Movies Make Meg Steal Lois's Shirt Make Joe Upgrade Police Car Radios
Make Brian Salvage Parts Make Brian Hit On Guard Dog
Get from Blimp Hangar

Gallery Edit

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