Time for a Sexy Party! event is a limited time event (until Monday (it has been extended to Wednesday), 22nd September, 3 PM PDT 2014) which includes new Costume for Stewie Griffin, decorations and buildings.

Event description :

After reading Plaything Magazine, Stewie really wants to throw a sexy party! Make his dream come true by crafting his Sexy Stewie Outfit! Limited time only!

New Costumes : Edit

-Sexy Stewie for Stewie.

New Buildings :

-Bare Bear Tanning Salon (you get also Human Rupert)

-High Heel Boutique

New Decorations :

-Lawn Tiger (for those who missed it in previous event)

-Extravagant Fountain

-Elegant Fountain

-Doody Dropoff


-Champagne Pyramid

-Sexy Party Girls

If you complete the questline you also get Sexy Stewie Robe Station as reward.

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